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You can join the Downtown Hutchinson Revitalization Partnership, Inc. (DHRP) and help us work to maintain Downtown Hutchinson as the Heart of Our Community. DHRP is organized under the Kansas Main Street Program, which requires four active working committees, Design, Economic Restructuring, Organization, and Promotion, under the direction of the board. Each of these committees has jobs and responsibilities to help DHRP work towards the revitalization of Hutchinson’s Main Street area.


The Design Committee is responsible to shape the physical image of Main Street as a place attractive to shoppers, investors, business owners, and visitors. The committee must persuade business, property owners, and civic leaders to adopt a specific approach and agenda for physical improvements to buildings, businesses, and public spaces.
Future Vision:
Main Street buildings and public space infrastructure will be in top shape. There will be an inviting atmosphere created through window displays, parking areas, signs, sidewalks, streetlights, and landscaping.


This committee promotes the downtown as the center of commerce, culture, and community life to residents and visitors.
Future Vision:
A strategy of advertising, retail promotional activity, special events, and marketing campaigns by local volunteers sells the image and promise of Main Street to all prospects.


The ER Committee must identify new market opportunities for the traditional commercial district, find new uses for historic commercial buildings, and stimulate investment in property.
Future Vision:
New uses such as housing will be found for existing properties. The expansions of existing businesses and the recruitment of new businesses to respond to today’s market will convert Main Street spaces into productive property and sharpen the competitiveness of business enterprises.


The Organization Committee must manage the financial and logistical aspects of the partnership.  That includes raising money, recruiting volunteers, and conduct the annual membership campaign.
Future Vision:
Everyone will be working towards the same goal.